The Evolution of Media

How much has changed?

Working in social media has given me the opportunity to hear many different people’s perspectives and frustrations with social media. So much in technology has changed but when you think about it, a lot hasn’t changed at all. Once the novelty of something new wears off, where do we stand with the people and things that we value most?  I write more in my latest article: The Evolution of Media


5 thoughts on “The Evolution of Media

  1. I like what you say in the whole article about how Facebook was once a place to share original thoughts, and now it is like a stream of billboards and sarcasm. Really great article, I couldn’t find a place to tell you that on that examiner site though. It’s nice to feel not-alone when it comes to frustrations with some aspects of the evolution of social media.

    • They keep changing the site! They used to have a comment button on top but the comment section is all the way at the bottom. Thank you for reading it! I read your blog earlier and that’s another subject I have been wanting to tackle! Wonderful blog!

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